Samsung Magician 5.0 Released – Is Less More?

SSD toolboxes are quite useful for monitoring your SSD’s health, updating its firmware, and more often than not, have some other features built into them to optimize the operating system and/or boost the SSD’s performance. Almost every company has one, but one company is more well known for theirs over anyone else. Whether it is because of the sheer number of SSDs they sell in relation to the rest of the market or it is the fact that it has been known as one of the best toolboxes out, we cannot say for sure, but we can say that this software has just been revamped. The SSD toolbox we are talking about today is Samsung Magician.


If you have been up to date with Samsung Magician, you may already know they have released version 5.0, but if you’re not, now you do. The latest version features a refined GUI and a few changes to the features list. It also adds support for the latest Samsung 960 EVO and PRO SSDs and is compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10.


At first glance, we can see that the layout has changed quite a bit and more surprisingly, rather than additional features, Magician 5.0 is more streamlined with fewer features than the previous versions. The OS Optimization, Over Provisioning, and Data Security tabs/features have been taken out. Additionally, the Performance Optimization section as well, unless you have a Samsung 840 or 840 EVO series SSD. If you do, then the Performance Optimization feature will be available to you, but may require you to update your SSD’s firmware first.


The Performance Benchmark is still included and so is Secure Erase capability. There is even a system compatibility tab to show if there are or are not compatibility issues with your drive and system and if so, how to remedy them.


On the main window when you open up the program you will see all the important information presented before you in an easily comprehensible layout. The drive’s condition is at the top left along with how much it was written to, if the firmware is up to date, and what firmware the drive is using. If you need even more info about the drive all you need to do is just hit the SMART button and it will show you more.


Below all this, Magician even presents to you the interface speed your drive is connected at, which SATA mode you have set in the BIOS/UEFI for SATA drives or what driver you are using for NVMe SSDs, and if TRIM is enabled. If RAPID mode, or Samsung’s RAM caching feature, is available for your SSD, then you will see a toggle switch to enable the feature as well.


So, it seems that for now, while the latest version of Samsung Magician was designed to be more intuitive and tidy, it was at the cost of losing functionality. This is quite an interesting move on their part seeing how other companies have taken big steps in developing their software to be feature packed. Maybe they thought so many options took away from what they felt an SSD toolbox was for and wanted to bring it back to its core, or maybe they think the extra features are no longer truly needed considering how long their SSDs last and with the latest version of Windows being released.

Samsung states that this new Magician platform “allows major features to be updated continuously and it enables Samsung to make new, valuable features available for enhanced user benefits.” Later this year or early next year, Samsung will be rolling out updates that include Secure File Erase as well as Magic Vault. It will be interesting to see those features in action and what else there is to come, but until then, we will just have to wait and see.

Tell us in the comments below, how do you feel about this new and drastic change to their Magician software. To download the latest version of Samsung Magician, click here.