Toshiba Displays M.2 SSD and Others With Marvell Controller – Flash Memory Summit 2013 Update

It wasn’t so long ago that the question was whether manufacturers would tend to resist the NGFF/M.2 implementation for standardization.  As did Computex in June, this years FMS seems to show that the M.2 will do very well and this could find the eventual demise of the mSATA SSD.  Shown here, we see Toshiba’s new M.2 SSD and a Toshiba controller perhaps validating their intentions to stick with marvell in the future as they are now:

Toshiba M.2 DesignToshiba Marvell ControllerAs with Seagate, performance specifications were not available for this drive.  We thought we might also include the Crown Jewel of  flash technology as seen on display at the Toshiba booth, the NAND flash wafer.


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