OWC Mercury Extreme Pro – Conclusion


The conclusion to this review is actually one in which I am not wanting to write. It means that once I hit the magic ‘Publish’ button, I will then be formatting this OWC Extreme Pro Drive, removing and packaging it up, contacting and waiting for UPS and then watching the driver smirk as he gets to finally take a piece of technology away from my possession. At the end of the day, it is simply a great drive. OWC is simply a great company that has built a reputation for service and has the support many only wish they could afford their clientelle. If we can offer any piece of advise whatsoever, that would be to educate yourself with respect to your first or next ssd purchase.

Too many have fallen trap and purchased ssds that truly should not have been released until the company was absolutely sure that they would be of value to the consumer. Search the net for information which will teach you of the inner workings of the ssd and then slowly look for one that will fit your need. Once you find that possible purchase, dig hard to get a good indication on the reliability of the drive from others who have experienced it first hand.

Should you start that search for this specific drive, be ready for it. Its pretty hard to find anything negative anywhere and a claim that OWC is still making hasn’t been equaled by other manufacturers of similar SandForce drives. OWC claims that, unlike most other drives, their product will not suffer performance degradation over time or as it fills. Paying that bit extra then would make a bit more sense as you can fill the drive completely rather than simply filling it to the 60% mark and looking for additional storage as so many do. The OWC Extreme Pro 120Gb SSD is fully TRIM capable and will be a definite asset to any PC (or Mac) owner.


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