New Korean StartUp Fadu Displays ‘Worlds Fastest SSD’ – Flash Memory Summit 2016 Update

From a personal perspective, one of the most amusing things about this years Flash Memory Summit is the fact that any number of vendors are purporting to have the world’s fastest SSD in their clutch.  This is no different with Fadu, a small South Korean startup who had their own SSD, the EC800F on display and functioning.

Fadu EC800FAs much as won’t be said about the inside of this device, specifications list it as a 3.2TB device, capable of 5GB/s read and write with up to 1.1mil IOPS read and 539K IOPS write.

Fadu EC800F-2

It is a PCIe 3.0 x8 device that is capable of 3 DWPD and release dates are not yet known although we hope to have a review sample somewhere down the line. These performance results were posted at the booth:

Fadu EC800F Benchmark


  1. blank

    because who wouldn’t want an ssd with 2x120mm fans on it?

    • blank

      I brought the subject of active cooling up right then and there and they explained that it was because their sample banch had no sort of cooling whatsoever, as a case might. They ‘stated’ that heat was not a problem, although could not provide specifics.

  2. blank

    You already have SLI vids with 2 or more fans for each so 2 more wont hurt 8))

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