Micron Unveils QuantX Brand and Amazing Performance – Flash Memory Summit 2016 Update

Branding seems to be everything these days with words like Optane and QuantX becoming commonplace in the world of flash.  This morning during Micron’ Keynote at the Flash Memory Summit, Darren Thomas, GM and VP of Micron Storage, went a bit further than just revealing their new QuantX branding for ‘everything SSD’.  They gave the audience an eyeful of what is certainly going to be a game changer in the industry.  Enter QuantX.

Micron QuantX vs NAND Comparison

With a live demonstration on site, Micron moved next to a comparison of QuantX (3D XPoint) latency compared to NAND as we see it today:


Using different sizes of U2 drives in at PCIe 3.0, check out how fast QuantX products  rach full saturation in comparison:

Micron Quantx NAND Comparison

Last but not least, let’s see same in a HHHL add in card. Once again, check out just how quickly this drive hits top marks in every capacity.

Micron Quantx HHHL Demo

Needless to say, Darren’s Keynote was one heck of a way to open Flash Memory Summit 2016.  Stay tuned!  Oh and yes, Darren maintained that ability to keep everyone wondering just what would happen next passing out to every audience member, and sporting, 3D glasses (get it?).  Great lecture!

Darren Thomas Quantx

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