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WD_Black P40 Game Drive Portable SSD Review

The WD_Black gaming line has been around for some time now and we have been fortunate to report on several items in the past few years.  Admittedly, my personal favorite was one of the first, the WD_Black AN1500 which was well before its time as an add-in card that could hit speeds of 6GB/s and was bootable…to boot. The one …

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Lexar Professional Diamond CFExpress Card Review

Lexar has recently released their Professional Diamond Series CFExpress Type B Memory Card and they believe this card is the ‘worlds fastest’ CFExpress card to date. Specifications list speeds of 1900MB/s read, 1700MB/s write and 1600MB/s sustained write and, if these numbers pan out, this would be an industry leading storage device.  As much as we appreciate these numbers, we …

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Intel Optane 800P SSD Review (58/118GB)

If you are in touch with storage technology at all, Intel Optane will be familiar to you and, in fact, we have even gone so far as to describe it as a ‘game changer’ or ‘disruptive technology’ in a previous report.  If you are not ‘up to spec’ on the ins and outs of storage, let’s just say that SSDs …

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