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KIOXIA Announces PM6 SAS SSD — Industry’s First 24G SAS SSD for Servers/Storage

KIOXIA (formerly Toshiba Memory America, Inc.) is announcing the PM6 SAS SSD for enterprise server / storage applications.  The PM6 represents KIOXIA’s 6th generation of enterprise SAS SSDs, and makes them the industry’s first supplier of 24G SAS technology. 24G SAS doubles the data throughput of KIOXIA’s predecessor 5th generation of SAS SSDs, and additionally includes new enhancements and features, …

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Microsemi Announces SXP 24G SAS (SAS-4) Expanders for Data Centers – Flash Memory Summit 2018 Update

Microsemi is announcing its new SXP 24G series of devices.  This represents the industry’s first 24G SAS (SAS-4) expanders for networked storage and servers.  24G SAS effectively doubles the storage interconnect’s bandwidth, which allows for utilizing the full bandwidth of the PCIe Gen 4 lanes by the storage interconnect.  Microsemi’s new series of devices are engineered specifically for demanding SAS …

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