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Integral Memory Announces SVR-PRO SATA III SSDs Featuring Novachips HLNAND – Exponential Leaps in Capacity!

UK-based Integral Memory is announcing that they have partnered up with Novachips to create a new series of solid-state drives (SSDs) that provide superior performance and an exponential leap in capacity.  The first products of this partnership are the SVR-PRO SATA III SSDs, which feature a unique storage control architecture that is ideal for the ever-growing requirement of enterprise data …

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MOSAID First to Achieve Single Channel Full Performance 16-Die NAND Flash Stack


MOSAID Technologies Inc. announces that it is sampling the industrys first NAND Flash MCP (multi-chip package) with a 16-die NAND stack operating on a single high-performance channel. MOSAIDs 512Gb HLNAND (HyperLink NAND) MCP combines a stack of 16 standard 32Gb NAND Flash die with two HLNAND devices to achieve 333MB/s output over a single byte-wide HLNAND interface channel. Imagine 1TB capacity …

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