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Super Talent Announces DX1 PCIe SSD To Expand Their NGFF Offerings

Super Talent Technology, a leading producer of DRAM memory and NAND Flash storage products, is announcing the Super Talent PCIe DX1 NGFF SSD.  The next generation form factor (NGFF/M.2) DX1 measures a mere 22.0mm X 80.0mm X 3.5mm. Despite its relatively small space footprint, the DX1 has the speed to meet the demands of either server or mobile applications.  Utilizing …

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SuperTalent Announces Two M.2 Form Factor NGFF SSD Devices

SuperTalent Technology, a leading producer of Flash and RAM memory devices, is announcing release of two new M.2 form factor NGFF SSDs; one being a SATA III full-length NGFF card, and the other a SATA II half-length card.  The relatively new NGFF form factor is significantly smaller, lighter and less power-hungry than standard SSDs.  Both of SuperTalent’s new NGFF drives …

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