Get Windows Mail Back With Windows 7

I had originally intended on leaving this site to be as it is but found something I think would be EXTREMELY valuable to all. Personally, I cannot stress enough how wrong Microsoft was to not include Windows Mail with the new Windows 7 but, well, that was there choice right. Well, thanks to a very close friend who pointed me in the right direction I now have Windows Mail on Windows 7 and it was a very simple procedure.

In fact, for those of you that got frustrated when Mail didn’t allow such programs as GMail to be included in the e-mail clients allowed in Mail, I have another link that shows you hot to fix this as well.


Without further adieu, my hat is off to Mark of for his easily followed ‘How To Reinstate Windows Mail in Windows 7 It works like a charm!


As well, for those looking to get the http email clients to work from mail, has published an article entailed, ‘How to Access Gmail With Windows Mail


Personally, I could never figure why they got rid of Mail in the first place but its great to have it back again!!!

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