LSI 9265 MegaRAID Cachecade Supplementary Review: Single Read Zone

This is the single source test. The straight read testing just uses a single test file of 50GB that is read from the array as a 4k (aligned) Random Read pattern, at a Queue Depth of 32.  With this test it is showing the absolute best case scenario, results are usually going to be 2x of the more demanding zoned tests. Internal testing from LSI has netted results in the 60K-90K IOPS range. Here, we are able to reach some pretty impressive speeds with the C300 drives, even though the ramp up time may be a bit slower than SLC drives, the end result is still very strong.

As you can see we top out around 95,000 IOPS which is considerably higher than the base 200 IOPS that the HDD array by itself can muster. Remember, the line across the bottom of the chart is the HDD only line, and as you can see the acceleration is absolutely phenomenal. The scaling between the single SSD and the Dual SSD results is very impressive, almost perfectly linear, and definitely highlights some of the benefits of using this with multiple SSDs.

A quick click of the chart will display if full size.

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