Patriot Wildfire SATA 3 SSD Performance Testing – WEI and AS SSD


The Win7 Experience Index (WEI) represents Microsofts method of rating computer systems and, more specific to our usage, provides a storage evaluation through a graduated rating system up to 7.9 on pc components and the system as a whole.

This benchmark is built into Windows and anyone can use it by simply typing:

  • Go to Win Orb/All programs/Accessories and right click on the Command prompt;
  • Click Run as Administrator
  • In DOS, type winsat disk and hit enter.

WinSat itself measures our transfer speeds at almost 2654 MB/s  and provides our result as 7.9 in all categories.

The great thing about WEI is that it sees the storage solution as the operating system sees it, so there is a true measurement of what type of performance you can expect the operating system to be able to leverage from the storage solution. You can see the amazing 2.485 GB/s read and the 2.543 GB/s write speed.


With AS SSD,  there are somewhat confusing results for users as incompressible data samples are used,  SandForce controlled drives usually do not have as strong of a showing here. Note the continued excellent latency that we are receiving from the device. This is truly a great result!

blankOf more consequence with this type of array, which leverages compressible data extremely effectively, is the AS SSD Compression test. As you can see here with 100 percent compressible data one can expect to reach 2.654 Gb/s write speeds and the read speeds are fairly consistent across all compressibility percentages at 2.33 Gb/s.


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~ Conclusion ~

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