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Sonnet Releases Upgradeable HD-SDI Enabled Tempo SSD PCIe Cards

Sonnet Technologies has announced the release of its 2.5″ Tempo SSD cards. The “Pro” variant will support up to two SATA 6 GB/s SSDs configured in RAID 0 in order to provide an aggregate bandwidth of up to 900MB/s while the non-pro version provides accommodations for one drive. The Tempo SSD and SSD Pro cards will be priced at 149.95 …

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Affiliate Tech Reviews for July 11, 2012

This week we purchased a new family vehicle, a Ford Edge.  After checking out a number of internet reviews and of course a few personal ones were offered, we had made our decision.  Everyone had an opinion, including me on what would be best for our needs and wants. It reminded me of why we do this website in the first place. To offer opinions, …

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Sharing a Weekend of Tech Reviews

Do you like to share? The wonder of the internet has made that a whole lot easier. It’s interesting because while most ‘Techies”, I know, prefer to work alone they thrive on sharing their information with others. So allow me to share some “tech” reviews I collected recently and check out the highlight item, love it! HIGHLIGHT REVIEW Upgrade Your House (Custom …

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Super Talent Upstream SSD Aimed Squarely At The Consumer – Market Set For Shower Of New Products

Super Talent, making their presence known at this year’s CeBit, has announced the imminent release of their UpStream PCIe SSD. The LSI Sandforce based card on display will deliver read and write speeds of 1GB/s and 900MB/s respectively and will be offered in capacities of 220GB, 460GB and 960GB. Super Talent hopes to have the card released in April and we hope to …

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