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Building a Home Server – The Complete Guide

Over the past few years, The SSD Review has enjoyed a fairly smooth ride with little to complain about. It wasn’t until our readership explosion that we realized how important backups were. There is nothing worse than a site crash, other than a site crash which also contains a Forum of course.  The sudden loss of days, weeks, months and …

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Micron SSD Business Update: Future Of The SSD Industry And The Virtues Of Vertical Integration

Micron Technology held a press conference today regarding the future direction of Micron and of the solid state storage industry in general. They touched on several interesting aspects of the industry, going into detail on both the consumer and enterprise SSD markets, both of which are becoming important staples in Micron’s bottom line. This is excellent news for the industry, …

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Welcome to our collection of news and reviews from around the web! If you are a technology website and would like us to post your hardware reviews, please contact us (top right) and leave a message. We would be glad to post a link to your news! CHASSIS BitFenix Merc Alpha PC Case Review @ Real World Labs Cooler Master …

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SSD Manufacturers

The below list comprises all SSD manufacturers, each listed in alphabetical order and is updates as frequently as possible. Should an error, an error, omission or update be recognized, please contact The SSD Review and we wil do our best to get the list updated . . SLC versus MLC The majority of solid state drives use MLC (multi-level cell) Nand …

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