The Samsung Series 9 13″ 900X3A-A01CA Laptop Review – The Heart of This System

As we pull on the lid of the laptop we get our first look at the matte screen which was an excellent decision by Samsung as well as a full size keyboard which we recently learned is back lit. The matte screen of the Samsung is leaps and bounds ahead of the MacAir with its 400 nits brightness however the MacAir wins out on resolution at 1440 x 900 compared to the Samsungs 1366 x 768.  Admittedly, its the little things that Samsung has brought to the table that do it for this machine; matte screen, bright display capable of incredible angles, back lit keyboard and over sized track-pad being just a few.



As good as this laptop seems on the outside, it truly isn’t a case of it being to good to be true, at least, not entirely.  The heart of the Series 9 is the Intel i5-2537 1.4Ghz processor and 4GB RAM which stomps all over the MacAir with its Core 2 Duo of days passed.  Samsung claims there to have a 33% performance gain between the two in fact.  As good as this seems, Samsung should have followed suit with NVidia GeForce 320 graphics with 256mb memory rather than the Intel HD Graphics 3000 with a mere 64mb memory.

Battery life goes to the Series 9 which is claiming 6 plus hours but not a new user can be found that could force this system under 5 hours.  This is just a bit above the Mac Air of old but posts are popping up all over the internet regarding the new MacAir release and horrid battery life claims.

Want to see a rare picture?

blankThis is the bottom of the Series 9 with the metal cover removed.  Many have not quite figured this out but its rather simple and will not break your warranty in any way.  First, remove the 3 screws to the front followed by the two on either side of the port doors.  Next, there are two screws under the rear rubber pads and one final screw under the small bumpy pad rear center.  Next, simply carefully lift the cover to get what you see here.

There are a number of things we like about this picture.  First off, Samsung was nice enough to install 1x4GB module of RAM which allows any user to simply add another.  In normal scenarios, manufacturers would fill both slots with 2 x 2GB modules as it reduces their costs and then mandates the owner to later purchase 2 x 4GB chips later on at greater cost to themselves.


Next you will see the mPCIe 128GB SSD circled in red.  Its simple to remove as well with a quick unclip of the ribbon above it, screw removal and then it slides out easily.  Having tested this SSD, we have to wonder why Samsung is not offering it to the consumer for sale exclusively.  It happens to be the top performing mPCIe SSD available on the market and we will show you the performance results on the next page to back up the claim.


Pg1 – Introduction and System Characteristics

Pg2 – System Interior and Performance

Pg3 – The 128GB SSD and A Bit of An Issue

Pg4 – In Jumps Kingston and The Verdict



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    Should it be an issue removing that ssd and installing it in another samsung s9?

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