Super Talent USB 3.0 Express RC8 50GB SSD Flash Drive Review – A Perfect Match With Ceedo

If you were with us at Computex, you may remember that we pushed the bar just a bit by being the first technology site to do actual benchmark testing during our SSD manufacturer interviews..

I can say that some were none too impressed with the lack of advance notice and declined the opportunity while others such as Kingston, Super Talent and OCZ welcomed us with open arms.

OCZ actually offered the opportunity to test right then and there or avoid the interest of those visiting the suite by offering a better time which we graciously took them up on.  This testing would never have been possible without the help of CeedoblankCeedo, in the simplest terms, allows you to use your personal computing environment from any computer.  It is a small software program that installs onto a flash drive and, considering the size of the drive itself, the world can be yours. It can be set to start as soon as you insert the USB into a computer and will display its virtual environment at the top of your computer screen.  This is what we saw at Computex after plugging in our Super Talent Super Crypt USB 3.0 flash drive:

blankNormally, anyone can store data, music, videos and pictures on a flash drive but, only through Ceedo is it possible to actually install programs within the Ceedo GUI for use on any computer.  From left to right and tailored to our specific needs at Computex, we had Firefox, Crystal DiskInfo, Crystal DiskMark, ATTO Disk Benchmark, AS SSD, HDTune Pro, HDTach as well as Skype for those international calls in the middle of the day.  This is what the new installation looks like on our Super Talent RC8:

blankThis is a shot of a ‘fresh install’ of Ceedo with our site article composition software in the background as I write this report.  It took all of two minutes to do the installation and once started, the user will find all options on the left which allow a great deal of personalization to make this set up almost a work of art.

blank‘General Settings’ allow you to establish exactly how you want the software to act when the program is started on a system while the ‘Appearance’ menu allows you to select from preset themes, colors, as well as personalization to include a nickname and picture. ‘Toolbar’ settings include the ability to migrate the computers desktop shortcuts and description into Ceedo automatically along with your choice of icon size and the ability to hide the Ceedo tab when not in use.

blankCeedo’s ‘Security’ options allow us to carry temporary files and clipboard contents on the Ceedo drive or clear them on exit and we also have the option to store the temporary files on a host PC and also to trust the computers stationary registry.


Ceedo flies along on a regular USB flash drive but is absolute lightning when installed on the Super Talent USB 3.0 Express RC8 flash drive because of its speed and capacity.  Typically, I jump between a main system, two test systems, 3-4 different laptops and constantly find myself throwing my ‘Ceedo contained’ Super Talent SuperCrypt in for something or other.  The switch to the RC8, which is smaller and has typical ‘SandForce Driven’ speed, is just that much sweeter.

At the end of the day, I have absolutely no association with Ceedo given exception to their believing I am a PITA for always losing my password in checking out different drives and wanting to try things out. I have, however, always wanted to bring this software forward as it has been such a benefit to me and combining it with the RC8 was just a natural.  Ceedo offers a 45 day free trial of the software which IS NOT feature limited and can be found at Ceedo.Com.


Pg1 – Introduction & Channels Explained

Pg2 – Test Protocol and Initial Tests

Pg3 – Crystal Disk Mark, AS SSD & Anvil Pro

Pg4 – A Perfect Match With Ceedo

Pg5 – PCMark Vantage and The Verdict


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