Silicon Power Marvel M70 USB 3.0 Flash Drive (128GB) Review


Throughout all of our testing, the Silicon Power Marvel M70 proves that it hit its listed throughput. While our research concludes that the Silicon Power Marvel M70 is not the fastest drive on the market, it still has read speeds that can compete with those quicker drives. Unfortunately, what keeps this drive from pulling ahead is its write speed.

Silicon Power Marvel M70-3

On the contrary those same drives that have improved write speeds, also cost you nearly three to four times the amount. Does one need increased write speed, especially when you have a flash drive that has such massive capacity and looks as amazing as the Marvel M70 does? That’s a decision for you to make, but we encourage you to return to the price tag that is merely $54.99 for 128 GB. We believe that this must be one of the cheapest, large capacity, thumb flash drives to date.

For having gorgeous good looks, a strong warranty, huge capacity and speeds that will meet your day-to-day needs, we easily award the Silicon Power Marvel M70 with our Top Value Award!

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Spectacular Flash Drive!

Rarely does one find there self looking through store shelves for a USB, but this one wouldn't take long to spot. The Silicon Power Marvel M70 has great looks, huge capacity and a price tag that will make you buy it in a heart beat!

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  1. blank

    i have this flash memory
    coteroller is phison ps2251-03
    flash nand is toshiba mlc
    and this flash is very good

    • blank

      Thanks for that. Can you check if flash is TLC or MLC ?

      Pro tip:
      You guys at tssr should use chipgenius for every flash product you review. It gives out controller and flash information, which is always a nice thing to know 🙂

      • blank

        this flash memory speed is between 60 untill 70 mbps so TLC can not give this speed by ps2251-03 and ithink for usb memory conteroller phison and siliconmotion and etron is better than another conteroller

      • blank

        Sure it can. Actually, 60–70MB/s is pretty low for 128GB MLC.

        You can always check with chipgenius to be sure.

      • blank

        oh yes this softwar is very good

        this is finaly result

        Chip Vendor: Phison

        Chip Part-Number: PS2251-03(PS2303) – F/W 01.12.10 [2014-08-26]

        Flash ID Code: 8984643C – Intel [MLC]

  2. blank

    One reason to choose write speed over capacity (and flashy looks) is that a 16MB Drive with very fast write speeds will hold an entire Operating System (like a ‘Rescue Disk’, BackTrack, or even a Linux Server).

    For Photos you may want a huge capacity, for video you certainly will.

    If you want to use the Drive as an Operating System’s Boot Drive (or even to run a Program installed on the Drive, that writes to the Drive) then write speed is your friend (what you seek).

    The Drives with the high cost (and write speed) are RAID Drives (and thus that explains the lower capacity) and some feature FIPS encryption and Fingerprint Scanner (for U$200, like the ;Imation Defender F200 Biometric 16GB Model 27817′). There are even WiFi USB Flash Drives (in case you’re too lazy to pull it out of your Pocket and plug it in). Some of these fancy Drives (from ‘Big Name’ Mfgs.) are less than U$50 (for 16MB); a worthwhile investment in coolness if not security.

    You Review the “Supertalent USB 3.0 Express Dram?Disk” here: — You Article says this about that Drive:

    ” It is available in capacities of 8, 16 and 32GB and Amazon pricing now reflects prices of $12, $18 and $56. Advertised performance is 5388MB/s read and 4041MB/s write, but we have reached performance speeds well above that in our benchmark software.”.

    With that Drive you can load an OS onto it and use it to boot a Computer, with the result that it will run faster than it did on it’s native Drives.

    Paying extra to get write speed in this format (style, type) of Drive makes sense. It is for “SD Cards” (for Cameras) that you need only pay for enough speed to suit your Camera’s data rate, and would probably benefit from increased capacity.

    I can load VMWare and a couple of OSes on a 32GB Drive with room to spare, never needed a larger Drive but always wanted a faster one (especially for random write speed).

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