JMicron SSD Testing With A19, L85A & L85C Memory


JMicron sent reference design samples to three SSD review sites, in hopes of providing a bit of a background on what they are capable of and where the path they hope to follow.  In a way, it is unfortunate that the legacy of their JMF602 controller has taken on such a life and not been overcome, as that of just about every other major SSD controller manufacturer has.  What we have seen in this report is a good indication of the engineering expertise in-house, as well as company potential.  Computex 2014 offered just a bit more though with samples that nobody expected to see.

JMicron Controllers

Enlarging this photo will display the specs of JMicrons newest JMF670 SSD controller.  Not only is this controller capable of a maximum capacity of 512GB, whereas the 667H was only capable of 256GB as a top volume, but also, this new controller is compatible with 16nm and 3D NAND flash memory, as well as L85B and A19.

JMicron PCIeX4 M.2 SSD

Even more promising is the fact that JMicron is presently working on a M.2 PCIe x4 solution as seen here.  This is the JMF811 eight channel PCIe Gen 2 controller and capable of 1.5GB/s read and 1.2GB/s write performance with up to 125K IOPS; those are great numbers.  In addition to that, there is a PCIe X2 solution with a new JMF810 controller capable of 750MB/s read and 640MB/s write with up to 120K IOPS.  Both solutions support A19, 16nm, 3D and TLC NAND flash memory.

JMicron Featured Pik JMicron Controller Closer


It is clearly evident that JMicron has the goods to move into the future and, depending on the compressible performance and timing for release of their M.2 controllers, they could be a force to reckon with.  While it is one thing to display a product and its specs, void of actual demonstration, it does provide an opening for JMicron to stand up and be counted.


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  1. blank

    Jmicron has really come a long way. Their newer lineup is pretty decent. Lets just hope that their pci-e solutions come out good and that lots of partners use it.

    Although one thing will always be mind-boggling…. How the hell did JM602 ever came to market ? I mean, didn’t they validate it ?!

    • blank

      It was one of the first…everyone was amaze at this new technology. Before they could breath they had sales from most companies trying to get in on this new technology… It was literally an overnight thing.

      Qw forget that they weren’y alone . This just stuck with them because they had so many manufacturers who had purchased the controller.

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