Sandisk Ultra SATA II 240GB SSD Review – SATA II SSD Hierarchy and The Verdict

Lets take a look now at our SATA II SSD hierarchy as determined by PCMark Vantage HDD Total points:


The Sandisk Ultra 240GB SATA II SSD has flown through testing, much as expected, and is an excellent SSD for any upgrade from a present SATA II computer system.  Its exterior packaging is reflective of what we should be seeing on all similar products and leaves the consumer with the impression that this is an ideal upgrade for a typical computer and the migration will be painless resulting in visible computer performance improvement.

This verdict does have a ‘sweet and sour’ flavor however.

Considering the size and experience in a company such as Sandisk, we had to ask ourselves why this SSD isn’t reflective of the high quality we are seeing in most lately.  Sandisk elected to go with the tried and true SF-1200 processor rather than relying on the newer version with additional qualities in the SF-2000 series SATA II processor.

This carries on to the look and feel of the drive where the design graphics are very basic and could probably have been overlooked if it weren’t for the ‘tin’ feel of the SSD case which definitely caught my attention.  I understand that the SSD is being installed (and not seen) in a typical notebook or desktop, and also, that there is little to no danger of any form of damage but, its nice to believe the SSD is a step above the rest of the pack….bulletproof and one to last forever if I may.

The question of value then jumps into the picture.  The 120GB version can presently be found at retailers for $209.99 with the 240GB version expecting to follow shortly with a price tag of around $450.  I decided to sift through many of the common seller sites and was surprised to find out that the Ultra 120 stands at 7th place in value, on average, with the 240GB expecting to jump in at tenth spot.  We actually found the now regular price of another very similar ‘tried and true’ 240GB ‘Sandforce Driven’ SSD at over a hundred dollars cheaper which was a bit surprising.

All in all, its great to see Sandisk back in the consumer SSD fold once again and their Sandisk Ultra SATA II SSD is fully capable of completing the task that it was intended for.  We have no doubt that owners of this SSD will have many years of speedy computer use ahead.  We also believe that today’s SSDs are a premium product and the consumer wants the newest technology available, eye candy as well as best value for their dollar.

EDITORS NOTE:  The SSD Review understands that our reviews may not always coincide with the opinion of the manufacturer and, in fairness, they are not privy to, nor do they have any influence, on the final draft report before publishing.  For this reason, we encourage communication with manufacturers and will update this review with any information they may wish to provide clarifying our printed report.








  1. I wonder why it wasn’t mentioned that SATA III 120 GB drives can be found for the same price, with almost twice the performance…so when it’s upgrade time, boom there ya go. :]

  2. SSD review, you’re a good site,..but why no mention of the SATA III drives that are exactly the same price but will make chump meat outta SATA II performance?

    SITE RESPONSE: Point taken. It was a small point that was overlooked and thank you.

  3. Just picked up a 120gb for $139 from
    Great Deal it seems

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