Patriot Pyro 120GB SATA 3 SSD Review – SATA 3 SSD Hierarchy & Our Verdict

Lets take a look now at our SATA 3 SSD hierarchy as determined by PCMark Vantage HDD Total Points.  Only the SSDs that we have tested and utilize asynchronous NAND flash memory are highlighted:


My views on solid state drives that utilize asynchronous NAND have remained unchanged since first print when I stated  that the consumer will gladly trade a certain level of performance for value.  As it turns out, the typical consumer is saving close to $100 for a drive comparable to the more expensive Sync SSD of same capacity and, quite frankly, would be hard pressed to visually tell the difference between the two.  This difference might only be seen in professions that alter and move media on a daily basis such as photography and those that work with video and music on a professional basis.  For the ‘average Joe’ however, just how many times will you transfer large collections of movies, music and photographs back and forth?

As for the Pyro 120GB Async SATA 3 SSD, congratulations to Patriot for having the foresight to push the Pyro through production as it will prove to be a wise move indeed.  The Patriot Pyro has the advantages of being one of the first to offer a low 60GB solution containing the SandForce SF-2281 SATA 3 processor and we guarantee that Patriot will remain very competitive as the companies history has shown.  Its performance, build, 3 year standard warranty and packaging are all of a very high level and the only thing we would think of to improve this SSD is a 2.5″ to 3.5″ adapter for those desktop users.



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The SATA 3 SSD Hierarchy and The Verdict

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