LSI 9265-8i 6Gbps MegaRAID Card RAID 5 Tested! – IOMeter 08

Iometer 2008.08.18

For the enthusiast crowd and enterprise, I have included IOMeter which allows for configurable cache sizes.  We have set the test file to 8gb, so you can see the results without cache leverage. There are going to be a few screens displayed so your patience is appreciated as a few shots are just showing the massive amounts of IOPS that this system is capable of. In some cases, we had to use several workers to spread the load over the different cores of the processor due to Iometer limitations. 1 worker with the 4k random testing would only push results so high as we were reaching processor limitations.

The first is sequential bandwidth (2631.42 mb/s) tested with a 64mb file and 64 queue depth.

4k Random Read, QD1

blank4k Random Read QD128

blank64k Sequential Write  QD64



Introduction ~ Test Bench & Protocol ~ Card Settings

RAID 5 Explained ~ Initial Tests ~ AS SSD

HDTune ~ Win 7 & AIDA ~ IOMeter 08

Vantage and Final Thoughts


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