HyperX Savage SSD Migration Kit Makes the Ultimate Holiday Gift

If we could give you at least a day of your life back a year as a Christmas gift, would that be good?  Would you pay it forward?  We can and, more importantly, you can.

There seems to be no doubt that we spend far too much time on the PC these days, however, many of us fail to realize just how much time we spend starting our systems, and also waiting for them to shut down. The typical PC takes well over a minute to start and just about half that to shut down.  Most people start their systems 4-5 times a day.  Even if we consider that a very minimal 5 minutes a day is spent sitting behind a PC and waiting for it to start, or waiting for it to shut down, this equals to over a day a year just waiting for your PC.  The reality, of course, is that most of us spend days a year waiting for our PC systems at home and at work.  Let’s change that this Christmas!

Kingston HyperX Savage Under the Tree

For those very new to the PC game, a solid state drive is much the same as a flash drive, but replaces the hard drive in your computer.  It speeds up your computer incredibly, providing you with system startups as quick as 15 seconds, much faster system and application loading, as well as faster shutdowns.  In addition to this, it will give you increased battery life for a laptop, a completely silent system, and it is much cooler than a hard drive which further reduces fan use.  No longer will you (or your loved one) have time for a coffee while waiting for your PC to start.  We hope this is good.  Better yet, the solution of the HyperX Savage SSD Migration Kit we are suggesting today can be installed by anyone with ease.

HyperX Savage Angled 2

This is the HyperX Savage SSD sitting atop one of the world’s fastest sports cars, a brand new 650HP Chevrolet Corvette Z06.  It was a natural.  The HyperX Savage is a SATA 3 SSD, capable of disk transfer speeds in the area of 550MB/s.   Some time ago, we did a complete review of the HyperX Savage and this review answers just about any question you might have pertaining to this drive.  For today though, we simply want to provide what an excellent holiday gift this just may be and why.  It gives us all time back at the end of the day, time we can spend with our loved ones.  It also makes our time spent on the PC much more enjoyable.

HyperX Savage Components

In the HyperX Savage migration kit, we find much more than any other SSD manufacturer has ever offered.  Not only is there a great looking solid state drive, but also, we find an external SSD case, USB 3.0 adapter for that case, easily read instructions, a PC data connector, HyperX sticker, a very attractive screwdriver pen with different tips, along with a Software Activation Key for a free copy of Acronis True Image HD Software ($30 value).  This is the only kit that we are aware of that makes SSD migration simple and practically effortless.

Hyper X Savage SSD Xmas Tree

How do we migrate our PC to a new SSD?  It is this simple.  Download the Acronis True Image Software to your PC.  Install the new SSD in the external case and plug it in to your USB 3 port.  Use Acronis to migrate your PC to the SSD.  Switch off your hard drive in your PC with the SSD and replace it with the SSD.  Better buckle up for this first startup because your PC will be fast!  A great benefit of this kit is that you can place your hard drive in the external case and use it as additional storage.


So there you have it.  You can give the gift of time to your loved one this holiday season.  The HyperX Savage is available in capacities of 120GB ($83.99), 240GB ($139.99), 480GB ($279.99), and 960GB ($559.99). If you are looking to purchase the upgrade kit, it comes at just a $10 increase for any capacity making the upgrade kit a great value.

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