Intel 310 Series 80GB SSD Review – Benchmark Testing

1.  ATTO Disk Benchmark Ver. 2.46

Test results of 214MB/s read and 87MB/s write have to be applauded when the specs list 200MB/s read and 70MB/s write. Nice start Intel!!

2. Crystal Diskmark x64 ver. 3.0


Crystal DiskMark almost mirrors ATTO in the high sequential scoring and adds to this by showing us great 4k random writes at 44MB/s.  This specific disk access method is not only the most used in typical usage, but it also results in the most visible improvement when compared to other access methods.

3. AS SSD BenchMark


AS SSD again confirms much of what we know but also gives us an idea as to the Intel 310 Series SSD access times.  These times are responsible for the difference one will see when moving from a hard drive to a SSD.  The typical hard drive will have an access time of 9-10 ms where SSDs are some 90 times faster with typical 0.1-0.2ms times.  It would take an expert eye to differentiate between the worst and best SSDs in typical usage because all SSDs have very similar access times.

4. Simpli Software HDTach Ver. 3.0.4


Pg 1 – Introduction and Specifications

Pg 2 – SSD Build and Test Protocol

Pg 3 – Benchmarks

Pg 4 – More Benchmarks

Pg 5 – PCMark Vantage Testing and Final Thoughts


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