Corsair Force Series 3 120 GB SSD SATA 3 Review – Anvil Storage Utilities and IOMeter


We are very fond of beta testing Anvil’s Storage Utilities Professional Edition (Beta) because the author seems to have encompassed what testers are looking for in a benchmark program.  Not only can you set SSD tests from 0Fill all the way to completely incompressible, but also, there are standard tests for endurance testing as well as threaded IO read, write and mixed.  Sorry testers¦. this is just a sneak peak and quick snapshot of what we are seeing for now. Stay tuned though because we just may host the release in the near future!

blankCorsair specifications list IOPS at 85,000 at 4k random write disk access and which isn’t that far off the mark as we test with a QD of 32 and 4k block size in the Anvil Pro.  Lets see how we make out with IOMeter…


We created the same work load in IOMeter and, once again, received a high of 77756 IOP at 4k random write disk access.  This is an excellent result for any solid state drive.

blankTo elaborate a bit further, upper tier consumer SSDs have typically had specifications of 60,000 IOPS at 4k random write disk access, whereas the Corsair Force 3 advertises 85,000 IOPS and is tested at 77,000 in two separate programs.  This is an excellent showing for a drive intended for the mid-level SSD consumer.

Pg1 – Understanding Todays SATA 3 SSDs & Introduction

Pg2 – Interior Components & Test Protocol

Pg3 – ATTO, Crystal DiskMark & AS SSD

Pg4 – Anvil Storage Utilities and IOMeter

Pg5 – HDTune Pro Testing

Pg6 – PCMark Vantage Comparisons and Final Thoughts


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