Manfrotto Professional 128GB CFExpress Card and 10Gbps Memory Card Reader Review

Manfrotto has been a steady name in photography since Lino Manfrotto was a photo reporter in the early ’60s in Italy.  His original passion has developed into a a long standing and successful business in the camera industry.  Primarily known for their stands, camera bags and studio lighting and accessories, it was only a matter of time until Manfrotto jumped into the flash foray with their newest Manfrotto Professional CFExpress Type B Card line.

Today, we are testing the Manfrotto Professional 128GB CFExpress Type-B Card and we also have their USB 3.2 CFExpress Type-B Card reader to make a great pairing. If you follow our reviews and it seems that this card reader looks familiar, you have a great eye. This reader is exactly the same as that marketed by Delkin, changing the branding and color of the reader of course.

This reader comes with a Type-C to Type-C cable for data transfer speeds up to 1GB/s, as well as a Type-A to Type-C cable for performance up to just above 500MB/s.  It will attain read and write data transfer from the CFExpress B  card up to 1GB/ s.

The Manfrotto Professional 128GB CFExpress B Card is available in both 128 and 256GB capacities, is based on PCIe 3.0 x2 (two lanes) and is a CFExpress Type-B card.  Performance is listed at up to 1730MB/s read and 1540MB/s write and the card is not waterproof but can withstand temperature variations of  -25°C – +70°C.

For our testing today, we will be using a  specific PCIe X4 AIC card with attached CFExpress Type-B  card reader made for us by Lexar some time ago.  This reader allows for the highest performance one might attain from any CFExpress B card.  One  must remember that the Manfrotto reader will only attain speeds up to 1GB/s and not the maximum that the card can achieve; that is what this AIC is for.

Checking Amazon, we can see that the Manfrotto Professional CFExpress B card is priced at $186.99 for the 128GB capacity and $351.99 for the 256GB which is a tad high to say the least.  Checking Manfrotto directly, we find the reader at $41.

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