BitFenix Survivor Mid-Tower Gaming Case Review – Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, its entirely believable that the planning of this mid-tower gaming case wasn’t accomplished overnight because its simply the best we have seen yet and by a long shot. We really haven’t even scratched the surface on the smaller things that BetFenix has paid attention to such as a newly patented design called the BetFenix Lockdown where strapping fastens around large graphics cards and secures them in place or how really easy it is to open the unit up to add on to it. The one thing we enjoyed most, however, is the ease in which solid state drives could be installed or removed. This photo depicts 5 SSDs which are, from top to bottom, the Crucial C300 64Gb RealSSD, Imation M-Class 128Gb, Super Talent FT2 100Gb Tera, Samsung 256 BG, and the Intel X-25m 160Gb SSD.



We could only find two things worthy of improvement on the BitFenix Survivor Mid-Tower ATX Gaming Case and neither were the fault of BitFenix. Firstly, there was no place inside the unit to connect the USB3 cables simply because motherboards don’t have internal port connections available for USB3. BitFenix did supply a ‘Y’ cable and could be hooked up to the USB2 ports on the motherboard. We wondered why the USB chords were so long and learned that one could fish them out the cooler access holes and plug them into the USB 3 ports on the back should they need USB access from the front. Either way, we can guarantee that nobody will ever run short of USB ports with this machine. If you think about it, BitFenix may have just had some clever forethought preceding release of new motherboards with USB3 ports on the motherboard itself.

The second problem was that no installation instructions were included with the unit but we think that BitFenix knew we would muddle ahead and wanted us to see that the guide really wasn’t necessary in any case. As truth has it, the Quick Installation Guide is on the site and BitFenix did tell us that ahead of time. In our excitement to get things going, we forgot.


The BitFenix Survivor Mid-Tower ATX Gaming Case is the best you will find without a chance of competition coming close. This was certainly not expected from the ‘New Kids On the Block’ and we see that they have had the same success with their full size case, The Colossus. BitFenix relates that we should start seeing the Survivor appear on the market in late November with North American availability around mid-December and a recommended price of $109 which is an excellent value considering the total package received. For the value conscious, BitFenix will also be releasing a Survivor Core version for $89.

Two Thumbs Up BitFenix!!


Pg 1 “ Case Exterior

Pg 2 “ Interior Chassis

Pg 3 “ Final Thoughts

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