The New Kaby Lake Z270 Test Bench Gets Built – 5GHz


One of the best gamers in the business, the M65 Pro has a 12K DPI optical sensor is constructed of aircraft aluminum and has probably got one of the best placement settings of any mouse on the market. 

Corsair M65 Pro Gaming Mouse

The M65 Pro is priced at $57 at Amazon.


The system was built using three SSDs, the Micron PCIe 9100 Series 2.4TB SSD, the Samsung 512GB 950 Pro and the 2TB OWC Electra SATA SSD.  There were initial concerns with the boot time as there would be a stall that lasted just under 40 seconds during boot.  Removing the Micron 9100 as the OS SSD and moving the system over to the Samsung 950 Pro took care of that issue, the system now starting typically around 17-20 seconds.

My opinion with respect to storage purchase would be to go with the 1TB Samsung 960 Pro as it is current and the fastest in the world.  With the ASUS Maximus Rog IX Apex, doubling two of these drives in a RAID mode would result in incredible SSD speeds.  I also recommend always having a high capacity SATA SSD as a backup


Intel’ Optane Technology is right around the corner and it appears that it will be a disruptive technology, just as the SSD was back in 2007.  Only a Z270 PC can accommodate Optane memory SSDs.  We cannot thank Corsair, PNY and Kingston enough for their support in our ventures.  Stay tuned as we make use of the newest TSSDR Test Bench in the near future!

TSSDR Z270 Test Bench

Last but not least, our Intel Xtreme Test result withonly the XMP memory profile selected.

xmp extreme oc 1328

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  1. blank

    Now to see how this compares to RyZen 🙂

    • blank

      We will get a Ryzen system top chip to test. Personally, unless you are an overclocker who uses the OC effectively, the biggest benefit from AMD is the fact that they push prices down. Remember now… base clock Ryzen is well below that of this CPU. Thank you for the comment.

      • blank

        I’m running a custom water myself – but yes – for VR where minimum FPS matters, I have a feeling the i7 is going to pull ahead.. Still, as you say – looking forward to the price changes regardless. I like your detailed storage reviews btw – keep up the great work!

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