Tobii Displays PC Eye Tracking Along With 3D Eye Tracking Games – CeBIT 2012 Innovation Update

While taking a look in the CeBit Labs today, we came across something that we just had to write about, Tobiii Technology Eye Tracking and Gaze Interaction.

Basically, anything you can do with a mouse, you can do with your eyes and we were so impressed that we had to give it a shot.

The concept is relatively simple.  You look at a specific portion of the computer screen and it moves the screen to your liking.

For instance, if I am reading and move down the page, it moves the page up as I read.  If I look up, it moves the page down.  That is a rather simplistic version and almost an insult to the true ability of the concept however.  There is no requirement to wear any headgear whatsoever and by simply looking at a portion of a picture, it moves you their and enlarges the picture as you gaze longer.  Move away and the picture is normal and following your gaze once again.

I am definitely not suffering good looks any longer as is normal with age but, if you look at the screen, you will see my eyes as the software is calibrated.  My eye movement and gaze is picked up by the device on the bottom of the screen and, as was shown through demonstrations, the result of tracking is exact enough to allow movement of a mouse pointer through your eyes. Here is a prototype laptop with the hardware installed.

blankYou might think you have seen it all but that was only the start.  Also on display were two of Tobii’s own video games called Eye Asteroids.  The photo below shows the basic version on the left and the 3D version on the right, the object of course to save the earth by destroying asteroids through your eye contact and gaze.  This was definitely a hit.

blankNow…. I know that Tobii is reading this so be expecting my call soon enough.  This would be an amazing product to review and continue testing, even if it does start at somewhere around $16000 US.

For those interested, Tobii’s website can be found here and trust me, it’s worth the read.

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