Lexar High-Performance 633x MicroSDXC Review (1TB) – The First of Its Kind


First off, a big thanks to Lexar  for sending us this card well in advance of the rest of the crowd, and well in advance of its release.  As frustrating as it may be to a select few given the fact that it won’t be available just yet, this is another shining example of how technology is still pushing forward at an amazing pace.  Twenty of these Lexar High-Professional 1TB SDXC Cards could back up the entire US Library of Congress in Washington, DC.

 On a personal note, this card deserves to remain in my personal Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and trust me when I say that this card will enjoy full use.  Not only is it the largest capacity SDXC card to be reviewed to date, but also, its performance of just 100MB/s. along with its A2 Application Classification and V30 (30MB/s) Video Classification make it a product worth enjoying.  Great job Lexar!


Last but not least, we totally understand that there are alot of ifs with respect to if this card will be released in the near future, when and what the price will be, however, it would be rather foolish not to award Editor’s Choice as this is one of those rare items that will be with me and in use continuously.

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  1. blank

    Curious about the file system used: EXFAT? How does it handle NTFS, EXT4 (Linux format)?
    On a fast computer motherboard, it could handle RAID, both faster & safer than other systems, at lower power, vibration and heat consumption than the alternatives (HDD, SSD). As a storage medium for transportation (aircraft, buses, etc) blackboxes, it could hold a lifetime of reserved & stored data. Water-resistant & heat resistant as well.

  2. blank

    I still can’t find a solution how to remove write protection from this 633 card.

    • blank

      How about warranty? I know of this happening now and then to other cards as well. It is unfortunate but that is why there is a warranty.

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