Unirex Memory Displays USB Flash Drives, SD Cards, Micro SD Cards, Hubs and Readers — CES 2016 Update

One interesting aspect of CES is encountering new entrants into certain product categories, such as is the case with Unirex Memory. Unirex Memory is a California-based company that has recently launched their line of Unirex Digital Memory products that include Micro SD cards and Micro SD cards with adaptors, SD Cards, Micro SD cards with USB readers, flash memory USBs, and other adaptors and kits . Our visit to their booth revealed a number of interesting and useful flash memory-related products.

Unirex 4 in 1We chatted with Richard Engler, Vice President of Sales for Unirex, and discussed several of their flash-related offerings.  One of the more interesting products is a 4-in-1 reader that has both a USB 3.0 and micro USB connector on opposite ends, with a slot on the side that accepts either an SD card or a Micro SD card. In the above image, we see the 4-in-1 connected to a smartphone, and with an SD card inserted into the side slot.  Below is their 5-in-1, which adds a USB-C connector.

Unirex 5 in 1Also on display was a series of Unirex readers and USB 3.0 hubs in a premium finish, as seen in the mini-display case show here.

Unirex readers and hubsUnirex was also displaying a couple of assortments of their SD and MicroSD cards.  They utilize a straightforward naming convention, with models being designated as either “HC” (High Capacity), or “XC” (Extended Capacity).  Extended capacity are those of 64GB or larger, up to 256GB.  All shown here are rated Class 10.  This first assortment is of both SD and MicroSD cards.

Unirex SD and microSD cardsThis next assortment is SD cards only.

Unirex SD cardsUnirex offers many options for USB drives, including custom casings and custom packaging.  You can visit their website here.

Unirex booth backdrop

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    Does these Micro SD card also work on another cell phone with different brands? I just do have a couple of phones and hope the same SD memory card could be used on them all well. Hope the related SD card not formatted errors, unsupported file system error will not be faced.

    Read more SD card information here: https://www.icare-recovery.com/howto/sd-card.html

    Thank you very much

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