Samsung 128GB Pro Plus and EVO Plus SDXC Card Review – Everything Proof with a 10-Year Warranty

Samsung has released two new SDXC cards for photo and video creators alike and they are the new Samsung Pro Plus and EVO Plus SDXC cards.  Both are available in capacities of 32, 64, 128 and 256GB and both cards are U3 Class 10 compliant in accordance to SD Association standards listed here.  Looking specifically at video, both are capable of video recording up to 4K UHD, as well as Full HD.

The big plus of both cards is typical Samsung.  First off, they come with a 10-year warranty and that’s very nice.  Next up, both are waterproof, temperature proof, shockproof, x-ray proof, drop proof to 5-metres and wear-out proof; wear-out proof being somewhat of a first in this industry.  The rating for this being wear-out proof is that it is expected to work perfectly for up to 10,000 swipes, or as they have also stated ‘10,000 mating-cycles’.

The Samsung Pro Plus is rated 100MB/s read and 90MB/s write for all capacities but the 32GB.  This capacity drops down to a 60MB/s write speed.  This Crystal DiskMark performance result was accomplished through our AMD Test Bench, AMD systems always dropping performance just a bit.

Manufacturers suggested retail pricing for the Pro Plus is $9.99 (32GB), $16.99 (64GB), $25.99 (128GB), and $49.99 (256GB).  Check Amazon availability and pricing.

The Samsung EVO Plus SDXC card is just a bit different than the Pro Plus, in that its performance is rated at 100MB/s read for all but that is where the similarities end.  Write speeds for the 32GB and 64GB are only 20MB/s so these cards drop to a U1 rating, which means it has a sustained write speed of a minimum 10MB/s.  Both the 128GB and 256GB jump back up to U3 (30MB/s sustained write) and the 128GB has a write speed of 60MB/s while the 256GB jumps to 80MB/s.  This is what our Crystal DiskMark result looks like:

Manufacturers suggested retail pricing for the Pro Plus is $7.99 (32GB), $12.99 (64GB), $19.99 (128GB), and $39.99 (256GB).  Check Amazon availability and pricing.

As much as we are not a fan of lower write speeds in SDXC cards these days, Samsung was nice enough to elaborate on what these cards could record with respect to video, as shown here:

All in all, the two things that impress us most about these two new cards from Samsung are the 10-year warranties, as well as the fact that they are just about everything proof.  These are exactly the cards you want in hand when you want to be sure of the quality.


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