Cougar Blazer Open-Frame Gaming PC Chassis Review

So… We know that anything but an SSD has to be damn (Can I say that?) credible for us to post on The SSD Review now don’t we?  Truth be told, we haven’t posted a chassis review since way back in 2012 and it would be rare as heck to find me doing such a review.  After all, we have Technology X for that now don’t we?  Making an exception for this particular chassis…  That has to give the reader some indication where we are going with this particular piece of hardware.

So… we get home from China and find this at our door, wrapped very well of course but someone hit a sweet spot when sending this.  I am an absolute lover of open-frame chassis’, as would be most hardware reviewers that need the space to move peripherals in and out when testing hardware on a regular basis. 


This is the newest Cougar Blazer Open-Frame PC Gaming Mid-Tower Chassis and it is brand new to the PC market. Very similar to the last gen Cougar Conquer, this chassis is an all aluminum chassis and is as close to artwork as one might find in a PC case. It will fit a Mini ITX, Micro ATX, ATX or even a dual processor CEB motherboard if you choose.  It has 5mm tempered glass on both sides and accommodates 3 x 3.5″ HDD drive bays and 5 x 2.5″ drive bays.


It has room for air and water cooling radiator placement of 120, 240 or 360mm and you will see later on that we even fit in a Corsair Hydro 115i Platinum which has lots of room lengthwise at 322mm, but the width of this cooler is a beast at 137mm in order to fit the two Corsair ML140 Pro 1400mm fans. The I/O Panel has 2 x USB 3.0, a mic input, audio and reset.  Perhaps a bit of a knock is that we would like to start seeing Thunderbolt 3 or USB-C ports very least included up front.


Wanting to check this case out, we temporarily disassembled our Creator X570 Test Bench to complete this report.  This system is as silent as can be and the look is simply amazing…  The Corsair ICue LED mix with the Intel Optane SSD really set this chassis off. Click on the pictures for a higher resolution look at this amazing chassis.


Pricing for this chassis right now at Amazon is $219.20 with the ability to add an extra $50 off coupon…so this is definitely a real steal, especially since original MSRP was set at $249.99


I have to say though, this would be a perfect match with the Cougar Black and Orange Gaming Chair (hint, hint)


Stunning case Cougar and… Editor’s Choice!



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Open-Frame Design!

The Cougar Blazer open-Frame Chassis is an all aluminum lightweight chassis with two 5mm tempered glass on either side. This case provides for amazing display and maximum expandability.

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    How did you fit h115i to the case? did u have to drill the whole on it? I am currently looking at the case but the radiator supports are poor for 280mm aio 🙁

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