BitFenix Shinobi Case Review – The Interior

If there is one thing that will make you appreciate BitFenixs work with the Shinobi, it is the interior. The inside of the case is the same matte-black finish as the exterior! So many times I see cases that have a nice black finish outside, yet do not continue that trend inside, where youll find a bland, predictable silver-steel finish:

The inside, like the outside, is smooth and clear of sharp edges and awkward, random stand-out pieces.

The interior tour starts with the tool-less design features. The Shinobi also has double sided tool-less hard-drive mounting for the standard 3.5 hard drives. Installation is simple; just turn the knob on both sides, remove both holders, slide a drive inside and line-up the screw holes, reapply the holders and turn the knobs back to the lock position. The only lacking attribute is rubber-mounting for anti-vibration:




Right above the 3.5 bays are the tool-less 5.25 expansion slots. These are even easier to use, as the clips are on one side only. It just takes a simple pull to open the latch, slide a compatible device in, align with the screw holes, and push the latch back in to secure the device in place:


I decided to use the included 3.5 to 5.25 drive bay adapter to provide an example:


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