BitFenix Shinobi Case Review – Packaging

At first glance, there is not a lot of glamor or sparkle on the case box which is to be expected for a budget product. Two holes on either side made portability extremely easy, including the fact that the entire package was only around twenty pounds.

The entire case has sharp designs and graphics surrounding it. In the front, we see a large BitFenix logo, the version of the chassis (window), and a URL to BitFenixs website:

The back of the box has a few more visuals outlining the features and highlights of the case such as the SofTouch front surface, video-card expansion room, and tool-less install design:

blank On one side there is a UPC label as well as the same green dot notifying us that this Shinobi is indeed the windowed version:

blank …and on the other side there is a graphic of the case itself, as well as a table of specifications:


Inside the box, the case was sandwiched between two pieces of inch-long Styrofoam with the chassis being surrounded by a large plastic bag.

I really liked the sturdiness of the packaging, as it was very well protected. I would not worry if the parcel got thrown around some during shipping.

Once the protective layers of the case were removed, we have the Shinobi in all its glory:

blank The protective plastic film covering the windowed side of the case is a thoughtful addition, and just reaffirms how well the designers at BitFenix know their trade.

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