Maxiotek Announces Their MK8115, The First-Ever 3D-NAND-supported DRAM-less SSD Controller Solution

Maxiotek Corporation, a new player in the fabless SSD Controller IC design house arena, is announcing release of their MK8115, heralded as the first-ever 3D-NAND-supported DARM-less SSD controller solution, geared toward the growing market for SSDs with superior performance at an excellent value point.

Maxiotek MK8115 controllerMK8115’s DRAM-less design allows customers greater freedom in PCB designs, as the PCB space normally allocated to a DRAM chip can now be freed up for the allocation of more or larger NAND chips, as well as the ability to be more creative in SFF (small form factor) SSD designs.  This also effectively reduces the total BOM (bill of materials) count, which results in reduced cost.

Maxiotek logo and FMS booth adMaxiotek’s proprietary controller architecture, when paired with its intelligent firmware features such as AgileECC, Virtual Parity Recovery, Data Condenser Design engine, (and more) is able to push DRAM-less SSD performance to a new level that even begins to rival that of DRAM-class SSDs (in typical workloads).

MAxiotek logoSSD market adoption continues to enjoy significant growth year over year.  3D-NAND is a revolutionary technology over 2D (planar) NAND that allows  for higher reliability, greater endurance and higher density, which also has helped drive NAND costs down even further.  Maxiotek’s advanced technology, experienced team of engineers with a wealth of storage industry knowhow, and close working relationship with our partners will continue to support the growth of this market.  You can visit Maxiotek at Booth #702 at Flash Memory Summit 2016, from 8/9 through 8/11 in Santa Clara, CA.

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