Mangstor Announces TITAN NVMf Software for Storage Arrays – Flash Memory Summit 2016 Update

Mangstor, Inc., a leading producer of next-generation high-performance, non-volatile memory storage devices, is announcing availability of their TITAN NVMe over Fabric (NVMf) Target Software Storage Stack.  TITAN software provides superior performance and ultra-low latencies by tight integration of NVMe SSDs with Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) Network Interface Cards (NICs) and the efficient utilization of x86 server capabilities.

MAngstor TITAN bannerTITAN software offers key capabilities that include accelerated application responsiveness, efficient sharing of storage resources, tiering, scalability, connectivity with existing SANs, and additional operational efficiencies that allow IT managers to dynamically provision NAND flash memory both locally and remotely, as well as centralized management.  Management software that is included within TITAN is a scalable REST API and GUI tools that allow IT managers to easily implement and manage large clusters of NVMf storage.

Mangstor NX6320 banner 2Mangstor’s TITAN software provides a single web-based management interface to manage clusters of NVMf storage arrays.  With centralized management, users can quickly and easily configure storage systems in the datacenter, and also have the ability to manage these systems more reliably.  TITAN software supports multiple fabric options, such as Mellanox RoCE (Ethernet) and Infiniband, as well as emergent RDMA fabrics such as Intel’s OmniPath.

Mangstor NX6320 mainAccording to Ashwin Kamath, Senior Vice President for Mangstor, Inc., “Accelerated application response times are the big advantage of NVMf arrays as they deliver Read and Write latencies comparable with internal PCIe SSDs.  TITAN delivers sustained performance of millions of IOPS, with latencies under 200µs, and an order of magnitude better than typical FC or iSCSI interfaces – in fact, on the NX6320 2U supported platform, TITAN has been measured at up to 10x higher bandwidth and one-tenth the latency when compared to iSCSI and FC-based AFAs.”

MAngstor NX6320 specsNVMf arrays that are based on TITAN software are able to be scaled to petabytes of capacity, and hundreds of GB/s as arrays are added with virtually no latency increase.  As additional capacity or performance is needed, additional arrays can be added as necessary. Latency is consistently low, similar to local SSD access times at low IOPS levels due to the optimize RDMA network, and stays low up to even millions of IOPS.  NVMf storage arrays are an excellent solution for data-intensive storage, latency-critical applications and real-time analytics, and is also the first available storage array solution for the newly-release NVMf specification.

Mangstor NX6320 rear view 2Demonstrations of TITAN software begin Tuesday, 8/9 in Mangstor’s booth #601, and will run through the end of FMS on Thursday 8/11.  TITAN is currently available to OEM customers and storage provider partners worldwide.  The NX-Series Storage Arrays are available through Mangstor’s worldwide sales distribution channels, resellers, system integrators and manufacturing representatives. You can view the NX-Series product page here.

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