World’s First Functioning 27″ iMAC in a Bathroom – With an SSD Message To All

So the story goes that a few weeks ago we purchased a new 27″ iMac for the sound studio of our sister site, Technology X.  The goal was to create the world’s most advanced remote for our Samsung F8000 60″ TV, and also to be able to assist when conducting audio and reports of various hardware.  The truth of the matter is that yours truly was getting a bit tired of running up to his office on the next floor each time that infamous e-mail notification occurred.  The end result was this…


With just a bit of creativity, we were able to sync our audio equipment and Samsung F8000 Smart TV to the iMac, thereby mirroring the iMac perfectly with the ability to access just about any media at native resolution up to 1080p.  Through purchase of Ergotron equipment, the iMac and keyboard move out just under 30″.


Somewhere along the way, someone in the group suggested that this would be a great set up in the washroom, this of course followed by the suggestion that I might get more work done if that were the case.  Truth be told, we are pretty sure that few have ever considered utilizing such a great opportunity to create the worlds first mobile and fully functioning computer in a bathroom.  So…here you have it with just a bit of our own creativity.  Share this!!!

IMG_63261 copy_Fotor

We encourage all to share this exclusive shot of a fully functioning iMac in a washroom.  All that know me would have to know that more piks had to be taken of the boss at work.  Share this and who knows…if we hit 500K views, I might just post the most embarrassing photo ever taken.

All in all….we hope we have succeeded in passing on a very valuable message.  Share!!!


  1. blank

    Does that iMac have one of those awesome Samsung PCIe SSDs in it? I wouldn’t want to sit there having to wait until the damn thing boots up. ha ha

  2. blank

    Haha, instead of your wall mounted solution I actually bring my laptop in my bathroom all the time when I have to do work and rest it on a folding TV tray. Very cool set up!

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