Gorgeous Women of CES 2015

I know it may be hard to conceive but the world isn’t just made of flash and tech.  Once again this year, we have been lucky enough to find some gorgeous models to break the SSD news, if only for a bit.  We would like to thank all models very much for their participation once again this year.

Check out more pictures on the next page and then yet another article on Technology X Here!


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    Damn, as always tssdr delivers 🙂

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    I don’t mean to be that guy, but is this a really an appropriate article for this site? I mean, I love light-hearted articles every now and again, but this particular article feels like it would be more appropriate on a less reputable site like gawker or a click-bait site like elite daily.

    These models are clearly hired to perform the oldest marketing BS trick in the book (“our product/service is so great, here is an attractive woman as proof”). I come to this website because the incredibly detailed and in-depth technical reviews cut through all the marketing BS, so compared to the rest of the incredible content on this site, this post feels cheap.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love this website and I’m going to keep coming back, but I feel posts like this are way below the standard that I’ve come to expect from you all.

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      Dean Dayton Rogers

      Thats a bit harsh , I think its great that these models are there at such shows …..it adds a bit of spice & off-course its appropriate since the models are associated with the tech companies ! The models look charming and they light up the stands as much as the controllers & SSD`s …. Its all good fun , cheer up and enjoy the view ! 🙂

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      So… each year we get at least one comment that is similar to this and I always have to wonder if Sports Illustrated gets much the same when they post their annual swimsuit edition.

      With respect to these pictures, the models are given full representation of the article, they are given business cards to be removed if they would like, and conversely, they also know that we will send the full res pik to them free of charge if they like.

      Thank you for your opinion.

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        I think I may have been misinterpreted.

        I’m not saying there is anything wrong with this post. It’s very respectful and perfectly acceptable (there are people who would disagree, but I am not one of them). What I am trying to say is that this feels like the wrong forum for this post.

        It just feels out of place surrounded by in-depth technical reviews of solid state devices, and as a result it feels cheap, even if that wasn’t the intention. I don’t know if that makes any sense, but maybe you can see my point even if you don’t agree with me.

        Regardless, this is your website so you’re allowed to post whatever you fancy and I respect that. And even though I don’t agree with this post, thank you for creating this site in the first place because it is truly wonderful.

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        Personally I think it’s fine. They are there to do a job, just like everyone else. I suspect that they would not have taken the job had they not been willing to be photographed.

        I had a friend who did modelling back in university. She says mostly the girls are younger, around university or recently out of high school. She did it to help supplement her income to pay for university tuition as the pay rate from what I understand was pretty decent.

        Out of curiosity Les, would you mind labeling the different images by brand (ex: what company), along with the products that they are advertising (ex: not just the girls but the products that they have to show)?

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        It happens every time an article gives an in depth explanation of how some new tech gadgetry actually works. Jocks hate it when it is implied that they are only attractive because of their brilliant minds.

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        this is not porn site, so no BS and stay professional

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      Congratulations! You are officially “that guy”.

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      Wah wah wahhh! whats wrong with a little eyecandy?

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    So you make an article about booth babes, but not about the rise of women participating in the tech industry? Obviously the former can do as they like (no doubt enjoying more pay), but it doesnt do the whole opposite sex justice. There’s more than just booth babes at CES. There are women CEOs and whole women companies.

    The tech industry is still predominantly male, so only offering them the coverage of “women at ces 2015” = “pretty faces and visible cleavage” looks bad on everyone. Us too, because we should be trying to focus on their work in an industry thats still trying to offer women the appropriate respect and respect.

    Im not implying you have any responsibility to remove or edit this. I do hope you put out more quality pieces though. Maybe slightly above that of pubescence.

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      I appreciate your point of view, and just as a point of interest, we work hand in hand with beautiful women within the tech industry everyday. They are well educated, smart, intelligent and beautiful just as these women are. We stand by the article as it is a representation of beauty at these events, and not at all demeaning in any way in our opinion.

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    I will be “that other guy”. How about some male booth babes? Everyone is bleating on about how the tech industry is all male…or mostly so. So, how about good looking guys to get pictures of. A large percentage of the population is not hetero you know.

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