Toshiba’s ZD6000 Dual Port NVMe SSD Powers DDN IME14K All-Flash Application and File System Accelerator Software

Toshiba, has just announced that their ZD6000-series NVMe SSDs will now be featured in DDN’s latest servers to provide for the capacity, quality, and reliability needed for the latest application acceleration and burst buffer technologies. Their collaboration enables the DDN IME14K to deliver redundancy, low latency, and game changing performance at the application layer, providing impressive compute ROI.


DDN achieved volume production with the ZD6000 series SSDs, which power the DDN IME14K all-flash application and file system accelerator.

The ZD6000 series SSD’s robust feature set and performance allow DDN to increase I/O performance when compared to their previous models. The active dual port capability helps to safeguard against a single point of failure. DDN’s IME14K is available in models that contain up to 48 ZD6000 NVMe SSDs at a low capacity of 800GB SSDs to high capacity with 7680GB SSDs. This offers customers a wide variety of options based on capacity and performance needs.

ZD6300_7680gbJeremy Werner, marketing vice president for SSD and Storage Solutions at Toshiba stated, “Toshiba is proud of the collaboration that has resulted in DDN’s latest all-flash appliance. DDN’s IME14K all-flash application and file system acceleration appliance is an innovative and differentiated solution, and Toshiba is excited to see how this solution takes great advantage of the reduced latency profile and  enterprise-level reliability delivered by our dual port NVMe ZD6000 SSDs.”

DDN Example

Brett Weber, vice president and CTO at DDN, added, “Toshiba is on the forefront of storage technologies with reliable storage solutions that feature high capacity, high availability, and excellent performance. We are excited to leverage the cutting-edge technology found in Toshiba’s ZD6000 dual port NVMe to help enable IME14K to deliver the application acceleration and reliability expected by the most data-intensive users on the globe.”

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