The SSD Review Is Off To Computex 2012 Taipei Taiwan

I realize that this may not be the typical picture that one might expect for Computex but it is a good representation of the excitement and atmosphere we are fortunate to experience.

Once again, we are off to beautiful Taipei, Taiwan for Computex and, in fact, Karen has left ahead with a paid invite to meet with AData just outside of Shanghai, China!  The excitement of this event cannot truly be described but we promise, once again, to try and keep you on top of things as they transpire.

To say that we were overwhelmed on our last visit was just a bit of an understatement as we learned, first and foremost, that promotion and product representation is a completely different animal in Asia.  Our meetings and social events seemed to run from 4am to 4am each and every day and this year is no different with several meetings scheduled with some of the top companies in technology.

For the many that come here and will be at Computex, keep an eye out for “The SSD Review” golf shirts and please stop us for a chat or, if you are a manufacturer, shoot us a note for a visit.  For the rest, I guarantee some amazing reports, stories and pictures will be following shortly!

And we are off!



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    Do you REALLY call this “work”??


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    My boss used to call these ‘boondoggles’. 🙂

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