Showstoppers Never Ceases To Amaze – CES 2012 Post Update

Its an amazing opportunity to be chosen amongst the few to view and, in some cases, test out the upcoming products of the future. This ‘invite only’ event was held at the exquisite Wynn Hotel and is Showstoppers, hosting approximately 300 press reporters from around the globe.

Some of these products have been available for a short time, while others are just coming into the market and this is the platform to do just that.

I would like to introduce you to a few of the vendors that  caught my eye and we hope to have the opportunity to review in the near future.  I think that you just might agree that there are some amazing products here.

YURBUDS– For those of you wanting to start the new  year with a fitness regime and are looking for headphones (buds) that will stay in your ears, you need look no further.  As they were kind enough to provide a sample we will get a full review out shortly.

In the meantime check out their website

STACK AND SHRED “ after what seems like an eternity sitting there feeding pages one by one into a shredder, I finally came across a multi-page shredder! Stack and Shred, by Swingline is available now.

For more details check their website

KAROTZ–   its self-explanatory why this little character caught my eye.  He is so darn cute. An internet companion with multiple talents you should check him out.

All the information is availabe at

NQ MOBILE “ a system to protect your mobile world, device and information.  There is a free download, and once youre convinced its for you they have upgrade options.

Check it out

SAFELY–   Help your kids grow up safely is the slogan used to do just that.  A program developed to help assist parents with all the technology that has encroached into growing up.

For more details check their website

TOUCHPAL  – a cool twist on your Android or Iphone keyboards.

More information available at

AUDIOFLY “ launched at this event, these in-ear headphones will help you escape the noise of the outside world and help you feel the music.

You can find more details and availability at

Once again, we have to thank the Leon brothers and Showstoppers for creating another great event in Las Vegas during CES 2012.  We are certain that you will be amazed at some of the aboive linked products just as we were.

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