OWC Aura SSD Now Supports Boot Camp With Free Download of OWC Dual Boot Enabler

OWC Digital®, a world-leading producer of Mac and PC technology products, is announcing that the OWC Aura SSD, which earned our well-deserved Editor’s Choice award when we reviewed it here, now supports Apple Boot Camp for dual-booting with a Windows operating system.  A simple download of OWC’s Dual Boot Enabler for Apple Boot Camp will make your Aura SSD able to dual boot iOS and Windows.

OWC-Aura-PCIe-SSD-bannerThe Aura SSD can be purchased as either the basic drive, or as a complete upgrade kit (recommended).  The complete upgrade kit also includes a premium external enclosure and premium cloth bag for utilizing your original SSD as a new external drive, as well as all necessary migration tools.  The kit even includes a Torx T5 screwdriver, a Pentolobe P5 screwdriver, complete instructions and a link to a how-to video.

apple Boot CampOWC’s Dual Boot Enabler for Apple Boot Camp is available as a free download here (look under the solid state drive column).  You can view the Aura SSD product page (as well as the how-to video) here.  In the event of a problem, OWC’s award-winning expert support is readily available to assist.


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  1. blank

    In May 19,bought the Aura Pro X2 and had issue installing BootCamp for my early 2014 MBA (A1466) and I returned it. It was a lousy experience,

    Understand that OWC has alr resolved the dual boot issue. Can u advise specifically which 512g SSD should I get
    that can install BootCamp?

    Pls give me an accurate recommmendation as m buying from Singapore!


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