Microsemi Announces Addition of Series 8E Entry-Level RAID Solutions to Adaptec Product Lineup for Server Storage

Microsemi is announcing two new adapters they are adding to their award-winning lineup of Microsemi® Adaptec® Series 8 product lineup of RAID solutions for server storage applications.  The 8405E and 8805E provides server storage customers with two entry-level options for systems with redundant array of independent disks (RAID) devices that provide application acceleration performance with a built-in cache, as well as uncompromised reliability.

microsemi-series-8e-bannerMicrosemi’s Adaptec Series 8 adapters are the original true hardware RAID devices that offer 12Gb/s throughput at each port.  Their new Series 8E adapter solutions provide entry-level workstations and servers with cost-effective redundant boot support, as well as high bandwidth for input/output (I/O) intensive applications, including databases, network video recording (NVR) and video editing.  The 8405E and 8805E support hybrid RAID to attain maximum performance when utilizing solid state drives (SSDs), creating cost-effective redundancy.

microsemi-series-8e-mainAccording to Pete Hazen, vice president of scalable storage solutions for Microsemi, “Our new additions to the Series 8 family were driven by customer demand for a true hardware RAID solution at the entry level.  We went a step further by providing on-board cache for accelerated performance, making these devices attractive to both current and new customers.  This is the ideal solution for cost-effective servers and workstations that do not require the full-featured capabilities of our Series 8 RAID adapters.”

microsemi-8405e-line-drawingMicrosemi Adaptec 8405E

Microsemi’s new Series 8E devices provide a migration path for users seeking to transition from alternative software RAID solutions to a more robust hardware RAID setup.  The Series 8E adapters are also a cost-effective upgrade for current users of Series 6E 6Gb/s solutions to a 12Gb/s solution with additional capabilities to help future-proof their servers and/or workstations.  The 8405E and 8805E provide more than 9 X the random read SATA SSD performance over the Series 6E devices, and more than 16 X the bandwidth capability with SAS/SATA drives, not to mention improved data reliability.

microsemi-8805e-line-drawingMicrosemi Adaptec 8805E

IDC, the global market intelligence and advisory firm, indicates that enterprise SSD shipments grew 44% year over year in Q2 of 2016, attaining 3.9 million units per quarter.  SAS and SATA SSDs are reported to make up more than 85% of the server storage market SSD unit shipments today, and 100% of the HDD market shipments.  SAS/SATA connectivity and usability remain to be a key component in enterprise storage architectures.

microsemi-usage-scenario-1-finalJeff Janukowicz, research vice president at IDC, observes that “Entry-level hardware RAID is an essential technology to maximize the performance of SSDs or provide critical data protection in a cost-effective redundancy solution.  Microsemi has become a key player in the storage market and the addition of an entry-level RAID card to expand its proven 12G Series 8 SAS/SATA product line is another example of that commitment.”

microsemi-usage-scenario-2-finalPrincipal features of Microsemi’s latest 8405E and 8805E solutions include:

  • Hardware RAID 0/1/10 to provide data reliability and performance acceleration for up to four (8405E) and eight (8805E) direct attach devices
  • Built-in high performance DRAM cache for HDD and SSD performance acceleration
  • Consistent suite of management tools across platforms and operating systems, offering ease of use
  • Support of SAS/SATA devices (versus competing solutions with only SATA support)

microsemi-usage-scenario-3-finalFor more information you can view the Microsemi Series 8E product page here, and the press release announcing them in its entirety here.


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