Fasetto Introduces LINK Featuring up to 2TB of Samsung NVMe PCIe SSD Storage – CES 2017 Update

Fasetto is announcing LINK, the living storage and communications device featuring its own scalable and flexible platform.  This new platform is now powered by Samsung technologies that include up to 2TB of Samsung NMVe PCIe SSD storage, along with the first Linux-driven Exynos 7 Octa 7420 processor.  LINK combines the capabilities of an LTE hotspot with the large storage of a NAS unit, but in a pocket-sized durable and weatherproof device.

link-by-fasetto-2017The unique LINK features some of the most powerful hardware ever utilized in a handheld device.  LINK’s small form factor measures a mere 2” across and 1” tall, and weighs as little as 3 ounces.  LINK  combines Samsung’s industry-first NVMe PCIe SSD technology in a single ball grid array (BGA), providing LINK with up to 2TB of superfast on-device storage, coupled with the octa-core 2.1GHz Exynos 7420 processor.

link-by-fasetto-exploded-viewLINK and its powerful hardware make user content universally accessible from any device via LINK’s own dedicated broadcast Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cellular and USB-C connections.  This provides a platform for cloud-based and peer-to-peer interactions that is free of ecosystem lock-in, eliminating reliance on a single platform for accessing or moving content between devices.

likn-by-fasetto-with-backpackAccording to Coy Christmas, co-founder and CEO of Fasetto, “LINK combines the most powerful commercially-available hardware with an incredibly sleek, but tough design.  In LINK, we now have a living storage and communications device and platform that lets you stream, store and share all of your digital files through one secure location that can survive almost anything.  What’s more, the LINK developer kit opens up vast, astonishing new opportunities for the LINK Platform in today’s IoT and connected world.”

link-by-fasetto-work-and-travelLINK is housed in a small, weatherproof enclosure that is built to robust technical specifications, providing users with the confidence that their data is protected against heat and cold extremes, and even an unanticipated trip through your washing machine.  LINK’s protections are not limited to the physical, as it utilizes custom-developed reform security software, user permissions and multiple layers of hardware and software encryption to give users a substantial degree of control and security over their data.

link-by-fasetto-with-samsung-smartphoneLINK features a modular design that enables each component to be removed and replaced, making it upgradable and scalable.  The LINK developer kit (LDK) allows anyone and everyone to develop on LINK.  The LDK provides complete access to LINK’s capabilities and exposes it to third parties, allowing for development of an interface with all types of devices, including a Smart Fridge, an automobile or a cloud server.  All core function APIs are built to be ubiquitous across every platform, meaning no need to rewrite code.

link-by-fasetto-with-lanyardLINK has been named a CES 2017 Innovation Award Honoree in four categories, including Wireless Handset Accessories, Computer Hardware and Components, Software and Mobile Apps, and Computer Accessories.  LINK will be on display and available for demonstration at the 2017 International CES from January 5th through 8th at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Central Hall, Stand #16734.  For more information, you can view the LINK product page at Fasetto’s website here.


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