ASRock Z370 Taichi Build Makes 5Ghz OC Simple – Intel Optane Adds Instant Startup


You have to love it when you can throw some extras into a system just to complete the entire picture.  Such is the case with our Kingston HyperX Predator DDR4-3000 Memory which left us with 64GB at 16GB per module.

We haven’t really played in the UEFI just yet, however, the XMP 1 profile made settling each of the four pieces at 3000MHz a breeze.


The Kingston HyperX Predator DDR4-3000 Memory can be found at Amazon for $460 per 32GB kit.


Corsair Hydro Series CPU Coolers have been my choice of CPU Coolers for some time now.  Not only are they completely silent, but also their radiator design is such a natural for any high end PC, when compared to the standard fan type CPU coolers that are all together too intrusive IMO.


We believe this CPU cooler was integral in establishing a steady system at 5GHz. The Corsair H110i Extreme CPU Cooler can be found at Amazon for $114.


The Corsair RM850x is an 850 watt 80Plus Gold Certified PSU which has my favorite Zero RPM Fan Mode and a 10 years warranty.  This means the fan does not start spinning until needed, providing a much quieter PC.

Corsair RM850x Picture

Something to be considered if you had previously purchased Corsairs premium colored cables is that the cables required for this PSU are Type 4 (Gen 3).  These cables contain small, solid capacitors on the +12V, +5V and +3.3V leads on the 24-pin, PCIe and EPS12V cables which provide for ripple suppression in load.  The RM850x PSU can be found at Amazon for $119.


  1. blank

    WTH!!! A mobo of that kind and no thunderbolt support?! ASMedia on the usb 3.1 side?! common!!!

  2. blank

    1.504 vCore for 5Ghz?
    Have you tried delidding that CPU?
    Do you still have that CPU running at those voltages today?
    Interested to find if you have ran into any instability over the 18 months, which could indicate degradation of the CPU.
    There’s little information about the long term effects of running a coffee lake processor pretty much at intel maximum voltages (1.52), but degradation should manifest as lockups and inconsistent performance.

    Appreciate your feedback.

    • blank

      This is my test bench. Still runs the same with these settings. I admittedly am not a CPU expert and I am sure some have said, “This guy is just nuts!” but this serves my purpose for achieving the highest possible performance in benchmarks.

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