VeloBit HyperCache 1.12 Earns Storage Magazine Products Of The Year 2012 Bronze Award

Storage Magazine / recently announced their “Best Data Storage Products of 2012”.  Now in its 11th year, the awards are made to the most innovative new products and/or established products that received significant enhancements.  The gold, silver, and bronze awards are given in the following six categories: backup and disaster recovery software and services, backup hardware, networking equipment, storage management tools, storage systems, and storage system software.


VeloBit Inc.’s HyperCache 1.12 has earned the bronze award for storage system software product of the year for 2012.  The HyperCache 1.12 software supports both read cache and write cache (write-through and write-back) modes.  It automatically adjusts and tunes each application or database to optimize performance, and displays detailed performance metrics in real-time.  Utilizing a variety of optimization algorithms, including the Conservative Inspection Protocol, lowers the write load on solid-state drives (SSDs), decreases garbage collection frequency, and improves overall performance.  Data blocks are prioritized via content locality caching based on the popularity and/or frequency of access of contents; which produces higher cache “hit” rates thus increasing performance and lowering SSD wear.


VeloBit’s HyperCache 1.12 came in only behind Atlantis Computing’s ILIO Diskless VDI 3.0 (silver award), and Microsoft Windows Server 2012 (gold award).  With server-based flash caching being one of the hottest trends in storage, VeloBit is carving out quite a solid reputation for themselves.

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