Upcoming SSD Reviews

Keep an eye on The SSD Review for the next bit as alot is going on right now!  Take a look at the picture below and you might notice the new pre-release BitFenix Survivor case which holds more SSDs than one can imagine.  We are also testing a pre-release version of what just may be the smallest SandForce SSD going, the new Renice 64G PCIe mini with the SF-1200 SandForce processor..

To add a bit more excitement, we also have one of the fastest flash drives in the world, The Super Talent SuperCrypt and will explain why this is more deserving of the name SSD than any other. We also have the Super Talent FT2 Tera Drive with the SF-1500 processor and, last but not least, we just received Samsungs latest 256Gb SSD release to put to the test as well..

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