Upcoming Memoright and Super Talent SSD Reviews!!!!

UPDATE!!! Just ripping apart and getting some piks of the Super Talent FT2 and guess what shows up on my door step??? Its a brand new Mach Extreme Technology MX-DS Series SSD 40GB retailing everywhere but North America so stay tuned our readers from the other side of the world!!! Take a look below!!!

And again!!!! Believe it or two Crucials were just dropped off as well!!! One is for performance degradation testing and the other to match my first sample because we are building our first RAID drive!!!

Just a quick note to state that we just received the brand new Memoright FTM-25 Series SSD and will have our 4th web exclusive this month with that review!!!

We are also working on a review for the Super Talent FT2 100GB SSD with a SF-1500 controller and are expecting one or two surprises throughout the week.



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