Toshiba MKx001GRZB Enterprise SSD Boasts SLC Memory and 6Gb/s Performance

Toshiba has put a strong foot forward into the enterprise SSD storage arena with their 6 Gbb/s MKx001GRZB series of drives that also feature 32nm SLC NAND Flash Memory.  These drives are available in capacities of 100 / 200 / 400 GB.

The 6 GB/s interface lets these SSDs achieve sequential speeds of 500MB/s reads and 250MB/s writes.  4K random IOPS are stated as a sustained 90,000 read and 16,400 write.

The speeds this SSD represents is an increase of over 3 times the speed of their highest-performing enterprise HDDs.  With power requirement of only 6.5w in operation, these drives give Toshiba an industry-leading  13,800 IOPS/watt power efficiency rating.

Toshiba leverages its leadership as the inventor of NAND flash technology to populate these drives with their latest 32nm enterprise-grade single-level cell (SLC ) NAND flash modules. They are confident in the reliability of the MKx001GRZB to the extent of a 5-year warranty.

With more and more tier-0 storage managers comparing the cost of power requirements of operating a large array of HDDs to the acquisition  cost of enterprise-level SSDs such as these are learning that the initial expense can be-well justified.  This bodes well for the future of all SSD storage.  The MKx001GRZB product page is available here.


  1. I don’t understand why SLC is better than MLC, it has lower sequential/4k writes

    It’s very expensive, uses a lot more power

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