Toshiba Memory America Begins Sampling New Automotive UFS Embedded Memory Solutions

Toshiba Memory America is announcing that they have begun sampling of their new Automotive UFS embedded memory devices that support JEDEC specification ver. 2.1 HS-G3.  This latest automotive UFS memory joins TMA’s Automotive e-MMC family of products to diversify their automotive product offerings.  As the widespread adoption of entertainment and information systems continues, the market for applicable memory devices also continues to grow.  TMA’s UFS devices are well-suited for these types of applications.

These latest offerings from TMA are based on their 15nm process technology.  The UFS interface is able to deliver significantly superior performance than their standard e-MMC automotive memory.  Sequential reads are improved by some 2.7 X; sequential writes by 1.1 X.  Random reads are improved by a factor of 7 X, with a random writes increase of 4.4 X as compared to Automotive e-MMC.

blankAccording to Scott Beekman, director of managed flash memory products at TMA, “Our UFS for consumer applications boosts overall system performance in mobile devices, and the introduction of Automotive UFS will have a similarly positive impact on the development of in-vehicle infotainment and ADAS systems.  As the storage requirements for automotive applications continue to accelerate, Toshiba will continue to lead the market forward by reinforcing our lineup of high-performance, high-density memory solutions targeted to the automotive sector.”

blankToshiba has added several new functions to Automotive UFS, such as Refresh, Thermal Control and Extended Diagnosis.  All of these are well-suited to automotive application requirements.  The Refresh function is able to refresh data stored in UFS, helping to extend the data’s lifespan.  The Thermal Control function helps to prevent overheating in high-temperature environments that can occur in automotive usage.  The Extended Diagnosis function helps users to be aware of the device’s status.

Key features of TMA’s new Automotive UFS Flash Memory include:

  • Extended Temperature Range – Supports operating temperature ranges  from -40°C to +105°C.  Reliability tests were conducted to meet AEC-Q1-Grade2 specifications, in addition to JEDEC compliance testing.
  • Wide Capacity Range – Offered in capacities ranging from 16GB to 256GB. Suitable for a wide range of automotive applications, including entertainment and infotainment systems and ADAS, which typically require high-capacity storage, as well as other usages, such as wireless communications that may require smaller capacities.
  • High Performance – Achieves much higher performance than Automotive e-MMC.
  • Additional Functions – Such as Refresh, Thermal Control, and Extended Diagnosis.
  • Integrated NAND Flash Memory Management – JEDEC UFS V2.1 interface enable essential functions, such as bad block management, wear leveling, error correction and garbage collection.  This allows for a simplified design compared to standalone memory chips that utilize a standard NAND interface.

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